Who we are

The Egypt Network for Integrated Development (ENID/El Nidaa) is a five-year initiative to develop viable and sustainable skill development and employment opportunities in South Upper Egypt, where levels of poverty and unemployment are high. The main point of focus is the Governorate of Qena.  ENID/El Nidaa operates as a United Nations Development Program (UNDP) project under the umbrella of Egypt’s Ministry of International Cooperation. 

In January 2016, ENID/El Nidaa finalized the legal process and has become a Foundation. The status of Foundation ENID/El Nidaa will coexist alongside the current status as a UNDP project. Becoming a Foundation will allow for long term sustainability as will allow ENID/El Nidaa to request funding support as a non-profit organization.

ENID is implementing a set of three highly integrated programs, each of which has the potential to impact on job creation and poverty reduction in both the medium and longer term. The purpose is for ENID programs to provide sustainable and successful project models for replication and ownership by the local communities. Innovation in ENID’s approach rests on introducing best practice interventions.

The three programs - each with a basket of subprojects - are targeted at upgrading basic services in rural Upper Egypt, promoting micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and entrepreneurship, and sustainable agricultural development and off farm income. Support to these programs, as well as to the civil society and research communities, is provided in-house through a communications, advocacy and knowledge management unit. The ENID/El Nidaa mode of operation is results-based, and a comprehensive system of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is applied consistently throughout. 

ENID/El Nidaa work is intended to be of use for both policy formulation and program development in each of the selected three program areas in South Upper Egypt.


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