Our Approach

ENID’S methodology is based on action-oriented research that identifies sectors and products with growth opportunities and scalability, both local and nation-wide. ENID implements and adopts business and entrepreneurship models that have shown success elsewhere in the world, such as cluster promotion, the ‘one village one product’ skill model, asset transfer. Creating best practice models that are scalable, with the potential for replication by local communities and supported by themselves, with private or government partnerships, is critical to the ENID mission. 

The selection criteria for ENID intervention includes the following:

  1. Potential for employment and income generation without jeopardizing existing producers. 
  2. Potential for upgrade and enhancement of local skills 
  3. Capacity to generateInnovative product lines and/or improved technology. 
  4. Ability to producefor import substitution and export orientation. 
  5. Use of research and development towards improvement of productivity. 
  6. Aptitude for basic management and leadership skills.
  7. Skill for use of Zaheer Sahrawi (Desert Fringe) lands.