Program B: Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME)

 ACHIEVMENTS (OCT-DEC 2015)                                                                                                          

One Village One Product (OVOP):

  • ENID has established nine new OVOP interventions in the year 2015 that are fully operational. These include wooden bowls, mother of pearl inlay, handmade loom embroidery, arabesque, leather accessories, kilims, sand pottery, ceramics, and general carpentry. In 2016, ENID aims to increase the number of workshops in the same villages for each craft, as well as in new villages, as part of its objective to establish sustainable clusters in the most vulnerable villages to poverty.
  • Trainings have continued, from 2014, for another five crafts workshops in 2015, including copper repoussé, alabaster, camel bone sculpting, telly embroidery, and glass casting.
  • In addition to the 14 crafts trainings taking place in 2015, six workshops have completed their trainings and continue operations through the provision of products. These workshops include jewellery, Nagada hand weaving, orientalist and professional painting, serma and khayameya.
  • Combining the above three bullets, ENID witnessed a total of 20 operational OVOP crafts workshops.  The total number of beneficiaries from ENID’s 14 crafts training in 2015 is 314 (284 females, 30 males). The six workshops that continue to produce crafts have an average of 20 female beneficiaries each.
  • The total number of jobs created in 2015 for OVOP is 440 (30 men and 410 women).
  • ENID has added nine new protocols this year in manufacturing, highlighting enhanced cooperation with NGOs and CDOs on the ground.

Entrepreneurship and Soft Skills Training:

  • Finalised agreement to deliver entrepreneurship trainings. ENID/El Nidaa has delivered its first milestone which is the training manuals for financial literacy and entrepreneurship. 
  • Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET):
  • As part of the Manufacturing program’s Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) intervention, ENID has trained 75 teachers from Qena’s 25 TVET schools. 15 men were trained in metal welding, 15 women and one man were trained in electronics, 16 men were trained in car repair, 12 men were trained in air conditioning and cooling and 16 women were trained in RMG.


  • ENID has significantly increased its presence this year through its participation in 18 exhibitions.
  • ENID has successfully delivered various crafts to the British Museum to be displayed in their shop. ENID has also displayed its range of products in the Omar Effendi (Creative Egypt) store.

 FUTURE WORKPLAN                                                                                                                            

  • Continue implementation of OVOP and TVET workshops in new villages in Upper Egypt.
  • Establishment and operation of RMG Factory.
  • Establishment and operation of E-Shop for OVOP crafts.
  • More social and cultural programs will be provided for our targeted people
  • Finalization of ENID’s status as a Foundation.
  • Improve the quality of marketing and design activities based on ENID’s team evaluation.
  • Update on the status of pending proposals for funding.

Team Leader: Dr. Heba Handoussa