Program D: Communications and Knowledge Tools

 ACHIEVMENTS (OCT-DEC 2015)                                                                                                          

  • The time lag between commissioning Policy Briefs and their delivery is of concern. Scheduled commitments are made by authors which are not kept. This means that frequently PBs are greatly delayed and posted late in the year.
  • Some authors do not deliver at all on their promise. There is a need to incentivize them, possibly by linking the PB to a workshop that highlights their work to a broader audience.
  • Most PBs are in English.  This choice comes from authors and not ENID. But this limits their reach.
  • The issue of Arabic translations has been raised. This would be a costly and time-consuming endeavor for ENID as translation would have to be farmed out. An alternative suggestion under consideration is to select few PB and translate an executive summary which would then be released to the press.
  • The marketing team is having difficulty meeting the requirement to keep all village workshops busy on a consistent basis
  • There is a need to apply better quality control on some ENID products.
  • There is a need to greatly accelerate cash flow for the marketing team both in terms of  raw material needs and in terms of payments to those village workers eligible to receive them.

 FUTURE WORKPLAN                                                                                                                            

  • Start soliciting for policy briefs and case studies as early as possible in the new year
  • The issue of Arabic translations to be resolved early on
  • The scheduling of workshops to support PB dissemination to be scheduled in early 2016
  • A media dissemination plan to be put in place to exploit coverage of Annual Conference and beyond through 2016
  • A new formula will be developed to meet both supply and demand needs for ENID products
  • Preparatifs/print and other coverage for all ENID bazaars and exhibitions
  • Follow up on the launch of “The Traditional Crafts of Egypt.” and “The Traditional Crafts of Egypt.” volumes with associated events


Team Leader: Ms. Gillian Potter